APAX LAB Recipes

APAX LAB Recipes

There are endless ways to use and combine our mineral concentrates but if you're just getting started and looking for best practices on how to use and combine them depending on the coffee you're making, we've created this guide.

We've found that our profiles truly shine within the range of 90 to 120ppm (3 to 4g/L when diluted in demineralised water). They were designed to give you the flexibility to make precise adjustments according to your preferences.

Although each of our three different profiles tastes great on their own, mixing them allows you to unlock the unparalleled strengths of each one, resulting in more targeted and customised outcomes.

1. Communicating about recipes

 In order to make recipe sharing simple, we use a series a number in a specific order which refers to the profiles below:

TONIK [1] / JAMM [2] / LYLAC [3]  - g/L


2/1/1 means - 2g TONIK [1] / 1g JAMM [2] / 1g LYLAC [3] per L of water

0/1/3 means - 0g TONIK [1] / 1g JAMM [2] / 3g LYLAC [3] per L of water

2/2/0 means - 2g TONIK [1] / 2g JAMM [2] / 0g LYLAC [3] per L of water


2. APAX LAB recipes



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