Who we are

Our Story

APAX LAB was born from a relentless dedication for taking coffee to new heights. We stand for innovative thinking, going beyond the usual, and reshaping traditions. We believe that to truly move forward, we need to let go of past practices, challenge established norms and adopt new approaches.

"APAX," inspired by the term 'apex', manifests our dedication to reaching the utmost standards in all our endeavours. Our products are the result of this philosophy, each with its own special touch that makes it distinctly APAX LAB.

APAX LAB is the promise of transformation and excellence. By transcending limitations, we empower people to curate and customise their brewing water, ensuring that every coffee moment is as unique and remarkable.

Our mineral concentrates were created by Simon Gautherin in 2023, who dedicated the past 6 years to researching the impact of water on coffee flavours. We developed over 2000 water recipes and collected an immense amount of data to bring these profiles to life.

APAX LAB was born out of a desire to reach higher heights and push the boundaries of exceptional coffee.


Our Philosophy

We believe that every coffee is unique and deserves special attention and care. We are passionate about extraordinary coffees and aim to share incredible coffee experiences with the rest of the world. However, access to high-quality water is often the biggest obstacle for people to fully appreciate the potential of coffee. APAX LAB was created with the aspiration to achieve greater heights and push the boundaries of exceptional coffee.

Minerals are to brewing water what seasoning is to food, they elevate the overall flavours and can turn a good coffee into an exceptional one. Some can alter the perception of acidity, while others may enhance sweetness or modify the texture and mouthfeel of a brew.

We see water not merely as a variable in the brewing process; but one of the two fundamental ingredients in coffee making.