Take your coffee experience to new heights

Elevate coffee brewing with precision-engineered mineral concentrates. Designed for world-level competition, yet intuitively simple for everyday use.

APAX LAB at home

Instantly enhance any brew by incorporating a few drops of APAX LAB into the brewing water or directly into the coffee itself.

APAX LAB in cafés

Enhance the quality of coffee served in a café by incorporating a few drops directly into the cup prior to service, similar to adding a pinch of salt to a dish before it leaves the kitchen.

APAX LAB in coffee competitions

Elevate your brew to peak excellence by fine-tuning your water recipe with precise, micro-adjustments, striving for highly specific outcomes through the combination of our distinct profiles.

APAX LAB for quality control

Having access to consistent, high quality water removes the guesswork from the equation and allows roasters and buyers to make better educated buying decisions by seeing the full potential of each coffee immediately.

  • Young - World Cup Tasters Champion 2023

    "The best way I can describe these mineral concentrates is like equalising your brew to hit the right bass, mids and trebles, taking each cup to reach a new high."

  • Anders - Home Brewer

    "Being able to transform the profile of your coffee post-brew is a game changer!

    Acidity a little muted? Add a few dashes of Tonik [1]. Lacking body? Drop in the Jamm [2]! These elixirs are to a barista what a spice rack is to a chef."

  • Julijan - Australian Brewers Cup Champion 2024

    "Having worked 15 years in the specialty coffee industry, I’ve finally found a water mineral product that actually makes coffee taste better, is easy to use and is intuitive. Each base recipe is already golden, but when you mix them is it opens up a whole other world of possibilities."

  • Lorena - Green Buyer

    "Apax Lab has provided me with the opportunity to explore the impact of mineral composition in water on coffee without overcomplicating things. I highly recommend if you’re curious about how much this affects the final cup and are starting on this journey. It is a game-changer! You can achieve incredible results, and it’s super easy to adjust and replicate as you can use it after brewing."

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