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Elevate your coffee experience with our 3 signature profiles of mineral concentrates (water for coffee) designed to enhance specific attributes of your coffee. 

These mineral concentrates are made of demineralised water and analytical reagent grade minerals (AR), ensuring very high levels of purity.

This box contains: TONIK [1], JAMM [2] and LYLAC [3].

TONIK [1] has been formulated to enhance the vibrant acidity of your coffee and will impart a crisp, intense, and juicy kick to your brew.

JAMM [2] has been formulated to enhance the richness and depth of your coffee and will accentuate the lingering sweetness and creamy mouthfeel of your brew.

LYLAC [3] has been formulated to enhance the delicate and floral characteristics of your coffee, ensuring an elegant, refined and graceful addition to your brew with a silky mouthfeel.

Each 100mL bottle of mineral concentrate allows for approximately 150 brews.

How to use: 

Shake the bottle thoroughly for a few seconds before use.

Open the bottle and use the dropper to dose into demineralised water or directly into your coffee.

We recommend using 3 to 4g of mineral concentrate per litre of water, or 1 to 10 drops directly into the cup.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Easy to use

Good product that works way it should plus easy to use. For example with Lotus drops u have to make recipe, or use theirs but here every solution is already recipe it self kinda. Also things like more wanna more acidy, add tonic etc.. realy work.

Francesca McLaughlan
really easy way to elevate coffee!

I’ve enjoyed playing around with the recipes provided and can’t wait to create my own!

I feel like an alchemist

Sonia D
Such a game changer!

Love my Apaxlab minerals - they really change the coffee and tea experience, it feels like adding a dash of luxury to my cup every time!

Makes a huge difference!

I am surprised by how much of a difference just 3-6 drops into coffee can make! I have tried various recipes that come with the package and all are delicious, and clearly give different taste profiles. Helps me make quality, cafe-style coffees at home and has made me look forwards to my morning coffee even more.

Flavour Booster!

Saved your over extracted coffee in 1 drop or boost your flavour to another level in that same drop!