How to use our mineral concentrates

How to use our mineral concentrates

Our concentrates are made of demineralised water and analytical raegent grade minerals (AR), ensuring very high levels of purity.

They are designed to be versatile and enhance specific attributes. They can be used with any coffee in multiple different ways!

Each profile will elevate a brew on its own, but they have also been formulated to be blended together to achieve more specific results. These mineral concentrates are to coffee what seasoning is to food. They won't turn a bad dish into a good one, but they can turn a good one into something outstanding! Our profiles have been designed to help you "season" your coffee easily so you can give it the unique expression you want.

There are two ways to use APAX LAB mineral concentrates:

1. Adding the mineral concentrate into your brew water

Using demineralised or low mineral content water (soft water), add 3 to 4 grams of APAX LAB concentrate per litre of water.




2. Adding your mineral concentrate directly to your coffee

For filter coffee (200mL) - add 5 to 10 drops.

For espresso (40mL) - add 1 to 2 drops.

For milk-based coffee (150mL) - add 3 to 6 drops.



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