When to use JAMM [2]

When to use JAMM [2]

Think of using JAMM [2] as the equivalent of adding just the right amount of sugar and a pat of butter to a dish; it enhances the sweetness and texture without overpowering the natural flavours.

JAMM [2]

Signs that your coffee could benefit from the addition of JAMM [2]

  • Lack of Sweetness - If your coffee isn't quite sweet enough, JAMM can subtly enhance its flavour profile.
  • Thin Mouthfeel - If your coffee feels too thin, JAMM [2] can enrich it, providing a fuller body and more satisfying mouthfeel.
  • Overpowering acidity or bitterness - If your coffee's acidity or bitterness is too sharp or overpowering, JAMM can help neutralise it, creating a more balanced taste.

However, like any ingredient, it's crucial to use JAMM [2] in moderation. Overuse can lead to undesirable effects.

What might happen if you overdo it with JAMM [2]

  • Flattened Flavor - Excessive JAMM [2] can mute the acidity that gives coffee its lively taste, resulting in a flat cup profile.
  • Unpleasant Texture - Overuse can cause a certain dryness, chalkiness, and powderiness, detracting from the overall enjoyment of the beverage.
  • Heavy Body - Too much JAMM [2] can make the coffee's body feel too heavy, overwhelming the palate and making the coffee less refreshing.

Best-suited coffees for JAMM [2]

  • Naturally Processed Coffees: This method, involving drying the coffee cherries in the sun, tends to produce coffee with more fruit and wine flavors. JAMM [2] can amplify these characteristics.
  • Coffees from South America and South East Asia: These regions produce a variety of flavors, from the chocolatey and nutty notes of Brazilian coffee to the fruity and floral profiles of Colombian coffee. JAMM [2] helps highlight these distinctive regional characteristics.
  • Fermented Coffees: Fermentation can enhance the inherent sweetness in coffee beans. JAMM [2] can elevate this sweetness to new levels. This includes honey-processed coffees, where some of the fruit is left on the bean during drying, or coffees fermented with yeast or bacteria to create unique flavours. 

By understanding how to use JAMM [2] effectively, you can elevate your coffee experience, making each cup more enjoyable and satisfying.

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