When to use TONIK [1]

When to use TONIK [1]

Consider using TONIK [1] in the same way you would add a dash of salt and a squeeze of zesty lime to a culinary dish, enhancing and enlivening the existing flavours. This simple step can transform your beverage, providing a new depth and complexity to your daily coffee routine.

Signs that your coffee might benefit from the addition of TONIK [1]

  • If your coffee is tasting a little dull and needs an extra kick to ramp up the flavour intensity, a dash of TONIK [1] could be the perfect solution.
  • If your coffee feels too heavy, lacking the brightness and acidity that can make it so refreshing, TONIK [1] might be the answer. It can cut through the heaviness and introduce a welcome note of acidity.
  • If your coffee already has a fantastic acidity but you want to really highlight it, taking it from good to outstanding, TONIK [1] can help. It can put the spotlight on the acidity and elevate it to the next level, creating a coffee experience that is truly memorable.

However, like any ingredient, it's important to use TONIK [1] sparingly and mindfully. Adding too much can lead to less desirable results.

What might happen if you overdo it with TONIK [1]

  • Your coffee may start to exhibit signs of dryness, losing the smooth and rich texture that makes it so enjoyable.
  • The acidity, instead of being a bright note, can become overpowering, throwing off the balance of the coffee.
  • There might be a noticeable presence of saltiness, which can detract from the overall flavour profile of the coffee.


TONIK [1] is a versatile mineral concentrate that is best suited for a variety of coffee types.

Best-suited coffees for TONIK [1]

  • Washed coffees - these coffees have a subtle, nuanced flavour profile that is brought out excellently with our brewing methods. Our carefully refined brewing process extracts the delicate flavours inherent in these beans, leading to a more refined cup of coffee.
  • Coffees from Ethiopia and Kenya - these African countries are renowned for their high-quality acidity, which have unique flavours that TONIK [1] is particularly effective at highlighting. The distinct taste profiles of these coffees - ranging from fruity to winey - is complemented by the TONIK [1] profile.
  •  Geisha, Sidra, and other varieties that are driven by floral characteristics - these types of coffee have a fragrant and complex aroma, with notes of jasmine, rose, and other flowers. TONIK [1] helps to accentuate these floral notes, creating a cup of coffee that is as aromatic as it is flavourful.
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